Percussion Earth Anchors can simplify installation of towers by eliminating the need for concrete. Used for communications, electrical transmission and many other applications where a guy attachment anchor is required.

Huge stresses and demands are placed on electrical and communication distribution networks as a result of industrial growth, increasing population and the need for renewable energy. These networks are in constant need of upgrade or refurbishment to meet these demands.

Unique and Effective Earth Anchoring
The engineered design of Percussion Earth Anchors present a unique and effective anchor solution where cost effective rapid deployments are possible with the ability to proof test the anchor during the installation process. This allows for anchor installations which are ready for use immediately after installation, preventing costly delays and/or secondary site visits.

Anchoring solution for:

  • Emergency restoration towers
  • Winch points
  • Telecom poles
  • Antennae and masts
  • Electricity poles and stays
  • Power line crossings
  • Tower refurbishment or replacement
  • Conductor restringing

Hulk Earth Anchors can be installed quickly and effectively making them an ideal solution for either permanent or temporary applications.

Advantages over Traditional Anchoring Methods
Hulk Earth Anchors provide anchoring solutions that have many advantages over traditional back staying, guying and deadman anchoring methods. This is a result of the efficient anchoring system coupled with the light weight and readily available installation equipment.