Percussion Earth Anchors is an Australian owned company specialising in engineered anchoring solutions for geotechnical and structural stabilisation. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide ground anchoring solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With over 25 years of experience in anchoring solutions, we can offer our services anywhere in Western Australia with the ability to be executed in locations with limited access. Our methods are well suited to the sandy soils of Perth and surrounding areas.

We can offer a full spectrum of services from design, supply and installation or simply supply of materials thereby saving you time, money and complications. Servicing our clients across Western Australia is our priority and as such we offer the latest in ground anchoring, wire rope and rigging solutions based on your needs and applications in today’s safety conscious business environment.

We are committed to responding quickly to enquiries to provide a site assessment and quotation without delay. All quotations and advice are free and bare no obligation.

What We Offer


A cost effective solution negating the need for more complicated and expensive techniques. Percussion Earth Anchors offers instant anchoring for a variety of applications without digging or grouting.


The ability to be installed for various applications in locations with limited access, unlike other anchoring methods. Percussion Earth Anchors product range are well suited to the sandy soils of Perth and surrounding areas.


Rapid installation allows your anchoring needs to be met quickly with same day testing to achieve your load requirements. Percussion Earth Anchors provide an efficient solution for a wide range of applications.