Percussion Earth Anchors | Landscaping, Turf Reinforcement, Erosion Control and Embankment Stabilisation
Percussion Earth Anchors is a Perth based company specialising in engineered anchoring solutions for geotechnical and structural stabilisation.
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Landscaping, Turf Reinforcement, Erosion Control and Embankment Stabilisation

Percussion Earth Anchors are used with reinforced vegetation systems in non structural applications including levees, stream and river banks and stormwater channels. Percussion Earth Anchors together with a shotcrete layer and embeded structural elements offer a cost effective and fast alternative to conventional retaining and embankment stability solutions.

The completely underground tree anchoring system by Percussion Earth Anchors is perfect when guy systems or unsightly stakes are not possible or desirable. Ideal for parks, playgrounds or where sidewalk plantings are required underground tree kits offer fast, easy and safe installation saving time and labour. This practical and cost effective anchoring solution is suitable for securing newly planted trees of all sizes in most situations. Alternatively tree anchoring kits are also available as an above ground tree guying solution.